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Fang & Talon: fantasy webseries by tabletop gamers for tabletop gamers [Kickstarter]

I chatted with Kyle Dekker about his webseries, Fang & Talon. The show will follow the adventures of the Fang & Talon mercenary company in a world inspired by classic tabletop RPGs. This is a great team to finally deliver a show for tabletop gamers. The team are all gamers and most of the crew has studied one aspect of filmmaking or another at the University of Minnesota. In short, we have a talented group making a series about something they love. Fellow gamers rejoice! (And check out their rewards, which are are creative and kinda awesome!)

They’ve been inspired by the numerous scenic parks throughout Minnesota including St. Croix, Mississipi Rivers, Battle Creek State Park, and Swede Hollow among others. Fang & Talon will be shot on location in many of these natural vistas, which go way beyond just another forest, with craggy rocks, steep cliffs, wide rivers, and what else I don’t really know but am looking forward to finding out.
This is a really smart move for a series on a budget. Shooting on location can make your film look great if you seek out unique and interesting places. It can be much cheaper than building a fancy set, and nothing looks better than the real thing.
For camera buffs out there, they’re shooting with a Canon 60D DSLR, which is a great camera for taking advantage of natural light available on locations, and much more affordable than a RED or 35mm film, while still giving a cinematic look. You can see this in the teaser on their Kickstarter page.
Kyle and the Fang and Talon team have tailored a number of their rewards to gamer fans, form nifty dice bags made from actual costumes in the show, to a custom Castles and Crusades adventure module, to a character named after your favorite RPG character. Kyle says he wants to give their backers as much as possible for their money.
Let’s see what some gamers who just so happen to be talented filmmakers can do!
David Jordan
I fail a spot check, don’t notice anything else, signs off. It looks like you’ll just have to check out Fang and Talon’s Kickstarter page for more.

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