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Lunatics: scifi animated series [Kickstarter]

Lunatics is one of those projects that has me jumping over the moon. Writer Terry Hancock has a wonderful outlook on writing science fiction that’s both optimistic and daring yet rooted in real science, and he’s a big supporter of free culture and open source production tools for artists.

Lunatics is about the first group of colonists on the moon. Unlike a lot of dark and gritty science fiction these days, Terry wants to make Lunatics a series that looks forward to a future on the final frontier:

Optimism isn’t a fantasy that everything will turn out great on its own — it’s confidence that even when things do go wrong, we’ll be able to do the right thing. Life is complicated, and our brave protagonists will not have an easy time of it, but in the end, this is a story about success, not about failure. Politics and physics will both present significant obstacles for our tiny Lunar colony, but our characters are clever people who can solve those problems.
Of course, implicit in this problem-solving view of the world, is Rationalism: the idea that the universe is understandable and that we as humans can figure it out. Lunatics is science fiction, not fantasy. It’s about the understandable, solvable problems.

I interviewed creators Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter, and their enthusiasm and vision for the series came through. Moreover, they shared an idea for how freely shared art could not only build a commons that artists can easily build on but also become a viable business model. Sustainability for people making stories is key. Artists can still be paid, while being generous with fans and fellow artists.
Watch, the interview, be inspired, and please contribute to their Kickstarter campaign if you want to see their optimistic science fiction series get made!
David Jordan, signing off.

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