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Year of Open Source [Indiegogo]

Have you ever considered the amazing things open source software has done for us? From tabbed browsing to powering our smartphones, to this very website, the ability of open tools to adapt to our needs is stunning. But that’s not enough for Sam Muirhead, who has only recently begun exploring the world of open source. He’s going to try to live the next year of his life using only open source products and tools in everyday life, not just software, but everything from cameras to toilet paper.
He’s going to document his journey, noting where there are viable open options, and where he can’t find an existing one, he’s going to try to make one and release his efforts.

Sam is going to do this regardless of how much money he raises, but his ability to document and make open replacements will depend on the amount he has to work with. With a little money, he might just be holding a cheap camera and talking into it. With more to work with, he’ll be able to pay people something for helping him document his efforts, built new open hardware projects, and more.
Sam is a professional video editor, who has until now mainly used Final Cut Pro, but he will be trying out the various open source options possibly Lightworks whenever it’s released as open source as well as Novacut, which he’s excited about because it’s trying something new rather than attempting to clone any existing editors. I felt a bit of pride hearing Sam talk about Novacut in a positive light, since I’m one of the developers, and I hope he’ll find Novacut useful and help us learn from his experiences to make it better.
Sam’s campaign has just four days left, and he can use every dollar you can spare. Any money you donate *will* go to him regardless of whether or not he meets his goal. With your help, this will be a fascinating year-long experiment to watch, and I’m certain we’ll all learn from it!
David Jordan, signing off.

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