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Fang & Talon: fantasy webseries by tabletop gamers for tabletop gamers [Kickstarter]

I chatted with Kyle Dekker about his webseries, Fang & Talon. The show will follow the adventures of the Fang & Talon mercenary company in a world inspired by classic tabletop RPGs. This is a great team to finally deliver a show for tabletop gamers. The team are all gamers and most of the crew […]

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Year of Open Source [Indiegogo]

Have you ever considered the amazing things open source software has done for us? From tabbed browsing to powering our smartphones, to this very website, the ability of open tools to adapt to our needs is stunning. But that’s not enough for Sam Muirhead, who has only recently begun exploring the world of open source. […]

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The Broken Continent: fantasy webseries [Kickstarter]

It’s time to don our cloaks and draw our daggers for today we trek through vale and forest of The Broken Continent. The Broken Continent is a new webseries project created by writer, director Francis Abbey. It’s a fantasy story in the vein of Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings with a […]

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Introducing Fund Indie Films

Fund Indie Films is a site dedicated to helping fans and filmmakers connect with each other.  We will be reporting on new crowdfunding projects that seem noteworthy on Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well as independent projects already underway as they go through various stages from pre-production through post-production. I’ve been keeping close tabs on a […]

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